Processing of hyperspectral images in orbit

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The objective of the Intuition-1 mission is to perform Earth observation using a satellite equipped with a hyperspectral optical instrument and an on-board computer allowing for advanced data processing through convolutional neural networks.


Hyperspectral instrument

Earth observation instrument capturing visible light and near infrared range

Computing unit

High-performance computing unit for processing hyperspectral images in orbit

Data segmentation

Algorithms for data segmentation using deep neural networks

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Calculation module

3000 GOPS high performance computing unit

6U-class satellite

Cuboid in shape, measuring 10x22x36 cm and weighing approximately 10 kg

Hyperspectral channels

The light wavelength between 470 nm and 900 nm divided into 150 channels will allow a detailed analysis of the research area


The supercomputer on-board the Intuition-1 will enable for segmentation and classification of hyperspectral imagery right in Earth’s orbit.

Thanks to in-orbit processing of the collected imagery, at least 100 times less data must be transferred to the ground station. The end-users will thus have lower access time to any information gathered by the satellite that they find relevant. Images will be captured daily, which will allow for continuous monitoring during e.g. a flood.

The ground station used for communication with the future satellite will be constructed in Gliwice, at the same location as one of the two PW-Sat2 ground stations.

Use of the data collected


Classification of land cover and crops, identification of plant diseases, monitoring of biomass


Classification of forests, identification of forest species and health status, planned forestation

Environmental protection

Pollution emission maps, soil and water contamination maps


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