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It is estimated that satellites operating under the European Copernicus programme will provide… 10 petabytes of data every year. The amount of the acquired satellite images increases at a staggering rate, which both creates a huge new potential for the Earth Observation market and challenges the performance of software tools designed to process and analyse the data. The mechanisms that have been used for such purposes until now are not efficient enough, and there is a need for new, more powerful and flexible solutions.

DeepFlow process

Data download

From the Copernicus programme satellites

Data processing

Data adjustments in order to prepare them for network training

Marking the Ground Truth

Data samples preparation for further training

Network training

Based on the data labelling and one of the existing models or your own model

Network deployment

Deploy trained network to any environment and start patterns recognition.

What is DeepFlow?  

DeepFlow is an innovative tool, which facilitates collecting information from satellite pictures. It will allow you to train a deep neural network with large pools of data and find similar patterns in thousands of new input images. If the images require pre-processing and further transformations, these can be performed by DeepFlow image correction mechanisms. Additionally, thanks to the integration of DeepFlow framework with the Copernicus programme through the DIAS platform, it is possible to access free-to-use images captured by Sentinel and Landsat satellites. All these features combined make it possible to acquire meaningful information in a much shorter time. With DeepFlow you will be able to redefine the way you gather data for your organization and get access to new, so far unavailable means of data analysis. 

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DeepFlow will help you to:


access to the information thanks to the advanced Deep Learning models


the time and cost required for entering Earth Observation market


the process of gathering satellite images and network training


the information, which was so far inaccessible by using deep learning mechanisms

Get access

to the meaningful information from the Copernicus programme


your data with Sentinel and Landsat satellite


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