We are proud to announce that our Smart Mission Ecosystem is now available in the SmallSat Catalog.

“We are glad to join the SmallSat Catalog by Orbital Transports and believe it’s an important step towards new markets and challenging missions,” said Helena Milevych, Head of Product Development at KP Labs.“Our Smart Mission Ecosystem was designed with a holistic approach to enable on-board data processing on the payload and satellite level, as well as to ensure safer and more fault-tolerant missions as it brings together hardware, software and AI-powered algorithms to complete even the most demanding missions.”


SME consists of Smart payload (Leopard and The Herd) and Smart satellite (Oryx, Oasis and Antelope):

  • Leopard is a CubeSat standard-compliant data processing unit enabling mission designers to apply AI solutions in space. It was designed to support the capturing, managing, and processing of data in orbit.
  • Oryx is a modular flight software tool developed for the mission control of small satellites. If components are not directly supported by Oryx, customers can simply extend their simulation by creating customized drivers.
  • Antelope is an on-board computer that combines a Telemetry, Tracking & Command module and a data processing unit. It is the powerful heart of the satellite, responsible for satellite control and basic task performance.
  • Oasis is a single-board, CubeSat PC-104 compatible electrical ground support equipment that enables the running of a complete flight version of software on actual hardware before the subsystems are physically present.
  • The Herd is a group of on-board AI-powered algorithms for image correction and data analysis dedicated to Earth Observation.

We also developing our own mission, Intuition-1, a 6U-class satellite with the Leopard DPU enabling on-board data processing acquired via a hyperspectral instrument with spectral resolution in the range of visible and near-infrared light. Intuition-1 will also be equipped with modular Oryx software and a group of on-board AI-powered algorithms -The Herd.

SME is one of many services and products featured in the SmallSat Catalog. Orbital Transports’ SmallSat Catalog showcases a wide variety of small satellite hardware components, small satellite buses specialized for common space missions, mission analysis services, ground station services, mission operations software, and more from industry partners. Orbital Transports has brought together many of the industry’s most innovative and reliable companies to offer a wide set of solutions while meeting clients’ quality requirements.